ASOS has hit the headlines recently, with reports highlighting concerns over working conditions, unfair pay and contracts, the level of surveillance workers are subjected to and even reports of toilet breaks being monitored. Sign up to the campaign to tell ASOS bosses to treat their workers with respect.
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what workers at ASOS say
One worker told BuzzFeed News
“Higher management and HR seem to say, ‘We’ve got 4,000 employees so probably we’ve got 4,000 thieves.’”
workers at ASOS told BuzzFeed News:
“If you cannot do the target, they come to you every hour and say you have to improve it or you will get a performance management meeting with HR.”
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“A lot of people are unhappy but they are scared to tell the truth.”
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“If you try and stick up for yourself then they’ll take it out on you."
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what workers at ASOS deserve
Our campaign is calling for ASOS to work with GMB, the trade union representing workers at the warehouse to ensure conditions improve. We encourage ASOS to do the right thing and ensure people are treated with basic respect at work. Workers want to be represented collectively by the GMB, which is independent of ASOS, to negotiate pay and a better working environment. GMB can get a better workplace for hard-working ASOS workers, and ensure the company rebuilds trust with its workforce.